STEAM of the Webb Space Telescope

NASA’s new James Webb space telescope, launching December 2021, will reveal information about the farthest reaches of the universe. But how can that help us learn about our own planet and solar system? 

The REACH Museum is offering a new classroom program for 5th through 8th grades about the Webb telescope’s technology and how it connects to our region, including the Hanford Site. REACH educators will help your class explore the electromagnetic spectrum to understand radiation, visible light, and what we hope to learn from the Webb telescope’s use of infrared light detection. This hands-on classroom program can be experienced in-person or through a virtual field trip beginning in October 2021.  

Classes can also attend our virtual event on February 17, 2022 “Looking for Life Beyond our Solar System with the James Webb Space Telescope” featuring astronomers from the Steward Observatory at University of Arizona who are using the Webb telescope to find exoplanets similar to Earth.  Click HERE for more information about the virtual event!

Contact the REACH Education Manager to view the recording of this event:

Register for the STEAM of the Webb Space Telescope Mini Mobile Museum program here!