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Ophir El-Boher is an artist, designer, and arts educator focused on the ecological, cultural, and social aspects of hyper-consumerism. Her work is dedicated to the healing of Earth from the wounds of capitalism.

Using primarily reclaimed materials Ophir exemplifies arts and crafts as means to eliminate waste, and as consumption alternatives. Through exhibitions and public speaking, she is helping to grow awareness of the wicked problem of textile waste, shifting the paradigm to a sustainable future. Through participatory art projects, and educational work, she is activating passive consumers to reclaim material culture.

Starting as an upcycling fashion designer, Ophir is currently expanding her practice to other media, delivering Mother Earth’s message of healing to amplified audiences. She believes in humanity’s ability to reconnect and repair, championing collaboration to awaken human creativity and joy.

ARTIST: Ophir El-Boher

The REACH Museum’s Gallery One will host the sculpture “Bendichas Manos” by fiber artist Ophir El-Boher from late June through July.

Desert Fiber Arts Guild worked with artist Ophir El-Boher to create the artwork on display at the REACH, a representation of the reach of the Columbia River from the John Day River confluence to Roosevelt, Washington. The piece will be joined with eleven other artworks at the Maryhill Museum of Art later this summer to create the Exquisite Gorge II Project. Each section of the Columbia River from the Willamette confluence in Portland to the Snake confluence near the Tri-Cities is interpreted by a different artist paired with a community group. El-Boher’s piece, like much of her artwork, uses recycled materials to create something new out of used items. The title means Blessed Hands in the ancient language Ladino, which has been passed through the generations of the artist’s family. The collaborative nature of both this piece and the full Exquisite Gorge Project reflects our community’s collaborative efforts to care for the river’s many resources that we all rely upon.

The artwork will be on display at the REACH Museum June 25 through July 31, after which it moves to the Maryhill Museum near Goldendale, Washington.

The Exquisite Gorge Project II to Feature Regional Fiber Artists

Maryhill Museum of Art’s Collaborative Art Project Will Bring Together Artists and Communities Along the Columbia River in Summer 2012

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