Empowering Education

Bechtel is a global engineering and project management company that has managed projects in the Tri-Cities community for decades. It current is the lead company for designing, building and commissioning the Hanford Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant.

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Bechtel’s support for the education programs at the REACH Museum has been instrumental in addressing the challenges posed by pandemic-induced learning loss. In the face of budget cuts and reductions, many school districts have struggled to restore crucial educational initiatives, especially in science and enrichment. Recognizing the increasing need for subsidization, Bechtel’s unwavering commitment has emerged as a beacon of hope.

In spring 2023, Bechtel’s generous backing enabled over 900 students from financially constrained schools to participate in captivating hands-on learning opportunities. These programs, made possible by Bechtel, encompassed engaging classroom visits, thrilling field adventures, and enlightening museum field trips. For many students, this marked their first-ever museum experience, sparking a sense of wonder and curiosity.

The impact of Bechtel’s support extended beyond individual students, reaching five new schools and making a positive difference across the Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, Othello, North Franklin, Warden, and Grandview School Districts. By empowering educational exploration, Bechtel has not only strengthened the REACH Museum’s ties with public education but also reaffirmed its commitment to fostering access and equity.

Bechtel’s pivotal role in creating a brighter future through educational empowerment is truly commendable. Their support has opened doors of opportunity, allowing young minds to thrive in a world driven by knowledge and discovery. Together with Bechtel, we can continue to inspire and uplift generations, shaping a tomorrow where education is the catalyst for change.

In March 2023, Bechtel’s grant provided an incredible opportunity for Three Rivers Homelink STEAM students to embark on a memorable field adventure at McNary National Wildlife Refuge. Let’s hear directly from the students themselves as they share their inspiring experiences and gratitude for the educational journey they undertook.

This middle school class, focused on the study of birds and flight, had the opportunity to engage with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service staff and explore the Environmental Education Center for a fascinating tour and bird observation session. Here are some inspiring quotes from the students themselves:

“Thank you so much for teaching us how to draw birds scientifically. I really enjoyed learning about the impact that peoples’ journals have on science. It was cool when we had to identify the bird that Clark was describing in his journal entry. We really appreciate that we were able to have access to the taxidermies and the ability to go to McNary…thanks again!” – Alea

“Thank you for letting us look at the taxidermy and for teaching us how to make scientific drawings. I found it super interesting.” – Fox

“Thank you for teaching us about the different animals in our community, along with helping us draw and describe them. Thank you.” – Ben

These testimonials highlight the students’ enthusiasm for the educational experience, emphasizing their appreciation for learning scientific drawing techniques, exploring taxidermy specimens, and deepening their understanding of local wildlife. Through partnerships like these, we can continue to nurture young minds and instill a love for science and nature.