COVID-19 Safety Plan

Safe Start Reopening Plan – Returning to normal capacity and operations


Effective June 30th, 2021, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee has announced the reopening of the state’s economy and cultural centers back to normal operations and capacity (read the press release here).


While this is great news for the REACH Museum, we are still unable to open our doors fully due to the financial impact of being closed for most of the past 15 months with limited to no incoming revenue.  This loss of revenue has restricted the museum to only be able to open its doors to the general public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at this time, however this may change and if so, we will update our Hours of Operation here.


More than ever, we need the support of our local communities to help us regain fiscal stability so that we can resume normal operations. Please consider supporting the museum with a donation and/or the purchase of a REACH Membership, which will help us reach this milestone and allow us to continue to share the story of the Mid-Columbia River region.


Donations can be made by texting REACH to 243725, or sign up for a REACH Membership here.


This plan is available to download HERE for inspection by state and local authorities or a hard copy is available at 1943 Columbia Park Trail, Richland, WA.

Museums are permitted to operate, provided all requirements are met. The museum must adopt a written procedure for operation that is at least as strict as the procedures below and complies with all safety and health requirements.


  • Private rentals/tours for individual households of no more than six (6) people permitted maximum for the entire facility.  General admissions prohibited.
  • No events allowed.


  • Museums may operate exhibit and galleries; total capacity is limited to 25 percent.  Individual rooms shall be monitored periodically to ensure they are not above 25 percent capacity.


  • Mask use required at all times.
  • Restaurants and shops must adhere to required guidelines for food service and retail for the phase that their respective region is in.
  • Utilize on-line or phone reservation systems with timed ticketing if possible to allow pre-pay and to limit interactions.  In the absence of time ticketing use staggered entry to control capacity limits.
  • Install signage to discourage group congregations, or to limit numbers of people in certain areas.

Employers must ensure social distancing for employees and visitors, frequent and adequate employee handwashing, and that sick employees stay home. Employers must also provide basic workplace hazard education about coronavirus and how to prevent transmission in the language best understood by the employee.

If employees have safety concerns they should immediately address their concerns with their direct department manager and/or Human Resources.

This plan is a living document and the guidance is based on data retrieved during development. The guidance within this document will continue to be monitored and the REACH will respond to any updates required by local, state or federal authorities. This plan will remain in effect until further notice which will be determined based upon local, state, and federal guidelines.


Administrative (Executive)
Rosanna Sharpe, Executive Director
(509) 943-4100 Ext. 101

Support Services (Operations, Administrative, Volunteers)
Dianna Millsap, Executive Assistant
(509) 943-4100 Ext.

Support Services (Building, Security)
Martin Flores, Facility Manager
(509) 943-4100 Ext. 112

Support Services (Human Resources)
Sherri Fluaitte, Finance Manager
(509) 943-4100 Ext. 102

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