We inspire learning by sharing the stories of the Mid-Columbia River Region, its people, and its impact and contributions to the world.


The REACH Museum will be an indispensable educational resource and premier cultural destination that serves as a gateway for the understanding of the natural and cultural significance of the region, for present and future generations.

  • We do so by providing learning programs, outreach, teacher training, and curricula that complements WSLS/NGSS (Washington States K–12 Learning Standards/Next Generation Science Standards) with an emphasis on K–8 students and their families)
  • We do so by being the epicenter for tourism specifically for Ice Age Floods, Mid-Columbia River Basin history, and the Hanford Reach National Monument.


  • We are truthful to our mission.
  • We are respectful in all our interactions.
  • We are transparent in and accountable for our work.
  • We are responsible fiscal stewards.
  • We are intentional, inclusive, and reliable public partners.
  • We are supportive in challenging times and we celebrate our successes.
  • We find joy and humor in our collective work.


Since opening in 2014, the REACH Museum has become a dedicated institution in the Tri-Cities, promoting education for all ages. Experience the geological impact of the Ice Age Floods and basalt lava flows. Learn about the Manhattan Project and its continuous influence on White Bluffs, Richland, Kennewick and Pasco. Enjoy the wondrous scenery of the Columbia River and Badger Mountain.


Looking for something interesting to do in the Tri-Cities?  Whether you live in town and have the weekend free, or if you are traveling to the Tri-Cities for business and/or pleasure, why not add a visit to the REACH?


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The Reach Foundation helps with community support, fundraising, and to manage the assets of the Reach Foundation [i.e., contributions to the 501 (c)(3)].


Press Partners

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