STEM Connections

The REACH Museum is excited to announce our partnership with Silas Education with the launch of a new program:  STEM Connections!

As a community deeply immersed in the STEM fields, we recognize the need to start today to prepare the workforce of tomorrow. To this end, we are dedicated to creating pathways to connect regional STEM educators with industry professionals. We know that these connections will create long-term benefits as educators are encouraged, instructed, and inspired through their relationship to active STEM industry leaders.

The vision of STEM Connections is to begin sowing the seeds of relationships between the STEM industry and regional educators. We firmly believe that developing connections in casual circumstances will allow these seeds to germinate over time into fruitful relationships. In the limited time of their workday, educators are often struggling to make authentic connections with subject matter experts in a timely manner. Thus, they forego the opportunities in lieu of prerecorded lessons. The intent of STEM Connections is designed to create a foundation of support and connections that streamline the valuable time educators have to prepare for expert speakers or classroom volunteers, making the impact of a live connection to the learning of our students.

Additionally, we hope to offer tangible takeaways in the future for educators through authentic modeling of innovative learning strategies to allow these strategies to be implemented quickly and seamlessly. It is often hard for teachers to keep up with the ever-changing field of STEM, and the goal of STEM Connections is introduce educators with these learning tools and techniques, along with a variety of resources to help with implementing these added learning strategies into current teaching curriculums.