Graduates & Columbia Basin’s Galleries

Graduates & Columbia Basin’s Galleries

A Graduate’s Place in Columbia Basin’s Galleries

Washington’s population of college-educated graduates increased steadily over the last fifty years. As a rich bed of art-centric culture, the Tri-Cities is home to beautifully curated galleries of scientific exploration as well as historic and local pieces that explore Columbia Basin’s unique characteristics. From Badger Mountain to Columbia Park, there are plenty of jobs one may not immediately consider when they feel their degree in their hands for the first time. Consider some of these examples as excellent doors open to recent graduates that want to surround themselves with all of the knowledge and art that a gallery offers.

Behind the Scenes

As is the case in most fields, there are plenty of people working behind the scenes to bring the gallery into full view for the public. There’s several options regardless of your field, such as marketing for the museum, running programs to reach out to local educational facilities, or helping to direct the theme and flow of gallery exhibits.

Out in Front

If you don’t like the thought of being behind the scenes, there’s no shortage of positions in the opposite. One consideration could be contributing exhibits to the museum directly by making art of your own. This can be an excellent way to gather experience and make a living allowing you to save money to further your education. The higher your degree, the more options available to you, and the job market only grows as nearby universities like Washington State University award fine arts degrees each year. Income here is dependent on you entirely, and you can certainly consider it a competitive field, so expect a flexible income.

Higher Up

If you intend to chase after an MFA or PhD program, positions only heighten. Many galleries seek out those with degrees in specific programs such as art history or relative fields of science to help with the gallery. These jobs range from gallery to gallery but often include positions like creative coordinators, directors of programs, and often roles that include having a hand in the curation of the galleries and exhibits on display. Depending on your location, this gives plenty of room to begin paying back your student loans and getting your finances in line.

Regardless of your level or field of education, there’s a plethora of positions to be filled in local galleries. The Tri-Cities serves as a focused hotbed for the arts and sciences and will always be striving to ensure that these things are supported with every available resource, leading the job market to be rich and ever-expanding. As the educated populace continues to grow, these positions will continue to need to be filled, providing the intelligent graduate with the chance to learn more and return their passion for knowledge back to the Columbia Basin community.