Ice Age Floods & Lavender Farm

Clastic dikes are one of many visible elements of the Ice Age Floods (IAF). Formed by water, wind, and gravity, sediment is swept into a fissure, cutting across a different layer of sediment or rock type. This filled crack is identifiable by the usual vertical or near-vertical layer, the length being many times larger than the width.




The diverse soil makeup of eastern Washington can also be attributed to the Ice Age Floods. There are more than 300 different crops grown in the state.

Lavender, France’s quintessential crop, has been thriving under the Grimaud family’s care on their farm in Lowden, Washington outside of Walla Walla. Nearly all of the planting, weeding, harvesting, drying, and processing is carried out by hand.

TOUR Information

Friday June 5

  • 9am-2pm
  • $99.99 per person
  • Tour guide: Gary Kleinknecht



  • Wallula Gap
  • Clastic Dikes
  • Lavender Farm

Transportation/lunch provided.

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